How to Pick the Best All-natural Skin Cleanser?

by | May 2, 2022

I recently discussed with a friend who told me how her skin keeps getting dryer and dryer. The funny thing is that she had been using products with the inscription, “for dry skin” and “for sensitive skin,” but she wasn’t getting any good results.

However, later in the conversation, we went over each of the products she was using, looking at the ingredients, and we found that all of the products, including her skin cleanser had alcohol in them.

Remember, alcohol can cause dehydration of the skin.

So we got to trace the problem and set up a new nourishing beauty regime – quitting her synthetic facial cleansers, and working with all-natural skin cleansers. The result was impressive after two months.

So what I got to discover is that a lot of people are also facing the same problem – they do not know how to pick the best all-natural skin cleansers when searching for Natural organic skincare products in Chicago.

Why the All-natural Skin Cleanser You Choose Matters

Your skin cleanser is usually the first thing you want to use as you get out of bed. And before dashing to bed in the evening, your cleanser is one product you often use to get rid of dirt and other particles on your skin.

So we can confidently say, skin cleansers make up an important part of your beauty routine – because it’s the first thing to touch your skin.

So How Do You Pick the Best All-natural Skin Cleanser?

Natural skincare essentials are now taking over the world of beauty and skincare. So many products keep flocking into the market. This can be tough for you if you don’t know how to pick a product for you.

Finding the Right Balance

Keep in mind that if your skin cleanser is not strong enough, it won’t give you a good clean, and you end up having build-up on top of your skin. The implication is that whatever you apply to your skin, later on, won’t be absorbed properly. I’m sure you can understand the picture.

Also, a cleanser that contains harsh ingredients can strip your skin of natural oils, which can increase your skin’s sensitivity and encourage the appearance of aging signs.

So there’s a need for the right balance. Whatever natural product you’re using, you need to be sure it is strictly natural and the ingredients are not too weak or too strong for good skin cleanse and nourishment.

Organic Memories have done the homework for you, our all-natural wellness essentials are curated from the best natural ingredients Mother Nature has provided.

Our L.O.V.E: Skin Cleanser contains over 20 natural ingredients, including rose water, aloe vera oils, black seed oil, and more, which are widely tested to cleanse, and replenish key minerals into your skin, oxygenate as well as enhance skin cell growth.

Now, here are some useful tips to keep in mind when searching for an all-natural skin cleanser.

Check the Ingredient List

Just like the woman I mentioned at the beginning that found alcohol in all her skin cleansers, many people do not bother checking the ingredient list on a product. As long as it carries “natural” on the label, they look for further. But this is the wrong approach.

Always ensure you take a closer look at the label to see each of the ingredients listed on the skin cleanser. If you find any synthetic ingredient or harsh additive, then it might not be safe for you.

You can do your research on ingredients you’re not too sure about. Ethanol, for example, can increase your skin’s permeability to chemicals, so it’s not advisable in a natural skin cleanser.

Also, you should avoid sulfates, an ingredient that makes the luxurious form in synthetic cleansers. Studies have shown that sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate, which are the most common sulfate forms, are actually corrosive, and have been linked with some serious health issues.

Consider Your Skin Type

This is an important part of your decision-making process when choosing the best natural cleanser or any organic skincare essentials. You need to choose an all-natural skin cleanser that works fine for your skin.

If you have dry skin, you should consider natural skin cleansers with ingredients that do not add to the dryness but instead add some moisture to your skin. You should look for natural wellness essentials with gentle ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe Vera oil, and more.

But if you have oily skin, you should look for skin cleansers containing ingredients, such as Witch hazel, which offer a good cleanse without clogging your pores.

However, if you have normal skin, you can choose pH-balanced cleansers with balancing ingredients, such as aloe Vera oil, Black seed oil, etc.

One natural skin cleanser that contains gentle ingredients and essential oils that offer a great clean feeling and leave your skin hydrated and moisturized is L.O.V.E: Skin Cleanser

Test the natural skin cleanser and be patient

Once you’ve confirmed the ingredients in a product to be safe and you trust the brand, you can give it a try and pay attention to your skin. If you notice any reaction, discontinue use.

But we’ve saved you the stress and cost of testing different products. Organic Memories offers the best natural organic beauty products in Chicago, which are formulated using the highest quality natural ingredients that replenish minerals in your body, boost your skin cell growth, and preserve your immunity and overall health.

We are always proud to recommend our L.O.V.E: Skin Cleanser to anyone looking to adopt a natural, holistic approach to their skincare routine. You can give it a try and see how beautiful your skin will become within 2-3 months.

You can also check a collection of the best natural body care essentials and add them to your routine to meet your physical, mental, and fragrance needs all naturally. 



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