What Clients say 

I was impressed and pleasantly surprised. The bar was great, and it really kept my skin clean. The hair oil was an added treat. I even used it on my beard. The body wash was a new experience for me since I’m so used to suds. It left a great scent and it wasn’t overwhelming!

Clent L.

On a scale between 1-5, I would rate the product in which I tried from Organic Memories a 5, due to the high quality of natural ingredients they use in their products. Whether it is the raw honey, tea tree, or natural Shea butter that leaves one’s skin feeling so hydrated and smooth. 

I have been using Abraham’s Body Butter for countless years now and have seen drastic improvements. I naturally have dry skin throughout the year and more noticeably in the winter months. Abraham’s Body Butter is one of the best of not thee best moisturizers out there in the market. I use it for dryness but my daughter has been using it for her Eczema and has noticed the benefits as well. Furthermore, Abraham’s Body Butter is great for your hair! I use it to keep my beard feeling and looking fresh! The tea tree and hemp oil which is part of the ingredients found within the body butter is helpful and nourishes my beard. I love this product and what this company stands by and I think you will too!! 

Greg B.

Forest Park, IL.

I’ve used the hair oil and it smells nice. I used it in my boy’s hair after washing it last night. It was light and not greasy, which is a preference for me. Thank you!

The Abraham’s Body Butter is wonderful! The smell is divine and it goes on so smoothly. I love it!


Korrine C.

Chicago, IL.

Excellent product. Thank you!


Nanyamka W.

Chicago, IL.

My nephew with eczema found the butter soothing to his rashes and it also did not burn when applied. He has found that most other lotions burn when applying to his rashes.

Joseph Z.

Oak Park, IL.

I have been using these products for over 2 years and I can honestly say that the Abraham body butter keeps my skin revitalized and moisturized. I’m a doctor and have to wash my hands and use hand sanitizer all day and nothing else has helped to protect my hands from the harsh chemicals that I’m exposed to all day. After a long day, I also soak in the bath salts and all of my muscles feel more supple and relaxed. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a natural, high quality product line to give Organic Memories a try!

Pseudo I.

Irvine, CA

I use Victory Body Wash Gold Muskt from head to toe! I use it as my shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and body wash. I usually look for a product that I can use all over. This is that product! It keeps my scalp from drying up, keeps my face moisturized throughout the day, and keeps my skin feeling rejuvenated. On top of it all, the smell of Gold Musk stays with me for most of the day, which I love!

I had dry skin mostly on my scalp and face. However, after using this product, those issues have subsided. Using the Victory Body Wash has helped my skin feel fresh, and has eliminated the issue of my skin feeling tight, or like it was stretching by late morning.

Not only did the Victory Body Wash easily absorb into my skin, it feels like it is supposed to be in my skin – like it was something that my skin was missing. I’m glad that I found it!

I have recommended this product to others, and have even bought some for people as well. In fact, as my mother was going through chemotherapy, the skin on her legs would get really dry. This was the only product that she enjoyed using, and I would apply it every day for her.

Matthew R.

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