How to Cleanse Your Skin Naturally Without Making It Dry?

by | May 16, 2022

One of the disadvantages of using most chemical or synthetic soaps or cleansers is that they leave your skin dehydrated and flaky over time. 

So it might interest you to know how to cleanse your skin naturally without making it dry. Well, many people are already switching to all-natural organic skincare products such as our L.O.V.E: Skin Cleanser.

Organic Memories was created to serve the need for self-preservation as well as physical and mental improvement. 

Our all-natural wellness essentials are curated with love, using important ingredients that help nourish and strengthen your overall cell structure. 

All our wellness essentials work to keep you healthy and in balance physically and mentally.

What is the Problem with Dry Skin?

If you suffer from dry skin, you already know how it makes one feel uncomfortable and unattractive. This is because dry skin can lead to itchy, flaky skin, and it can progress to the development of wrinkles and fine lines.  

What’s the Good News?

You can actually cleanse your skin without causing it to dry out. But you need to quit those synthetic products and embrace all-natural wellness essentials such as L.O.V.E: Skin Cleanser which works for all skin types and leaves your skin moisturized after a deep cleanse.

Your routine also matters. You may need to change your cleansing routine.

Fortunately for you, Organic Memories has got you covered here. In this article, we will show you how to cleanse your skin naturally and seal in moisture to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

How to Cleanse Your Skin Naturally Without Drying It Out

Here are a few guidelines to help you select the right product and give your skin the best cleanse while keeping it moisturized:

Choose cleansers with moisturizing ingredients

Most soaps sold commercially contain detergents and chemicals that are harsh on the skin. The worst part is that these products are more likely to remove moisture than replenish it.

So it is better to choose natural organic skin cleansers with moisturizing ingredients. These wellness essentials help get your skin cleaner with a less reduced risk of dryness.

L.O.V.E: Skin Cleanser is one all-natural skincare product that helps cleanse and retain moisture in your skin. This is your best bet if your skin is naturally dry.

Avoid products with exfoliants as they can worsen dry skin. And during winter months when skin is more prone to dryness, you should consider adding a moisturizing cleanser like the L.O.V.E: Skin Cleanser to your routine.

Maintain a cleansing routine

Create a routine for cleansing your skin. It doesn’t have to be as frequent as you think. You can consider using your natural skin cleanser before going to bed, of course, that’s the best time to remove all of the day’s buildup – from makeup to pollutants and sweat.

In the morning you don’t need to use the cleanser. You can simply take your bath or shower.

Also when using cleansers, avoid using scrubbers and washcloths. You can simply pat your skin with your hands (ensure it is clean), rather than rub it with a towel.

You can add organic moisturizing creams such as Abrahams Body Butter to your cleansing routine.

Avoid certain cleanser ingredients

Although some products will carry descriptions showing whether they are mild or formulated for oily or dry skin, it is still recommended that you verify their ingredient makeup.

If you notice any of the following ingredients in a cleanser, you’d probably want to avoid it as it is not natural and may dry your skin:

  •         Alcohol
  •         Fragrances
  •         Exfoliants, such as glycolic acid

Always stick with natural organic skin cleansers as they contain skin-friendly ingredients.  L.O.V.E: Skin Cleanser contains nature’s powerful immune-building nutrients that benefit your skin and hair. This all-natural wellness essential helps cleanse, oxygenate, hydrate, replenish key minerals in your body, and enhance your skin and hair cell growth.

The good part is that L.O.V.E: Skin Cleanser works for all skin types. It keeps your skin moisturized after a good cleanse. All you need to do is apply 1 tsp. to the skin tissue and gently rub the area.  

All Organic Memories wellness essentials are curated from the highest quality of natural ingredients that offer benefits for your physical, mental, and fragrance needs.

If you desire to follow a natural holistic approach to your skincare routine and want the best natural organic beauty products in Chicago, you can check our store for the best selections of all-natural wellness essentials to improve your skin, body, hair, and overall beauty.


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