Does Organic Skin Cleansers Work for Oily Skin?

by | Jun 22, 2022

The social media space is awash with beauty brand influencers endorsing various organic skin cleansers for oily skin.

But do organic skin cleansers work for oily skin? Or they are just overpriced and overhyped beauty products. This article will examine whether organic skin cleansers are appropriate or effective for people with oily skin. 

What are Organic Skin Cleansers? 

LOVE- Organic Skin CleanserSkin cleansers are designed to keep your skin soft, moisturized, and fresh. Although traditional skin cleansers are effective, they may pose a health risk for your skin.

Organic skin cleansers are not only effective for all skin types, but they are also free from harmful chemicals and irritants such as parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. 


Benefits of Organic Skin Cleansers 

Many skincare and health professionals have continued to maintain that it is wise to go organic when shopping for skin cleansers. 

The benefit of using an organic cleanser is that you are guaranteed that there would be no pesticide residues in the product and that the product would be free from synthetic ingredients.

According to some skin care experts, many synthetic ingredients have been linked to several health problems, including cancer and allergies. Choosing organic skin cleansers would help to limit your exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Furthermore, many environmental activists advocate for organic agriculture to preserve our planet. So opting for organic skin cleansers can be part of your actions to protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Organic skin cleansers are also designed to improve your skin’s overall health naturally, keeping it hydrated and smooth.  


Can People with Oily Skin Use Organic Skin Cleansers? 

Oily skin requires special care and most regular skin care products are insufficient. You would need a product specifically designed to treat oily skin and control excess sebum production.

Organic skin cleansers can help to control excess sebum and remove oil from the skin. Individuals with oily skin would have to deal with shiny skin, blackheads, or pimples due to oil clogging their pores. 

Similarly, oily skins produce more proportions of natural oils than any other skin type, which makes them pretty challenging to deal with.

To reduce the amount of oil in your skin, you may end up stripping away too much moisture or natural oils. The stripping of natural oils may exacerbate the problem as they serve as a protective layer on the skin. 

Maintaining a balance of natural oils in the skin is critical in managing oily skin. Organic skin cleansers with natural ingredients such as L.O.V.E: skin cleanser would allow your skin to have a more balanced skin tone and oil levels. 

For oily skin prone to breaking out, you would require a non-irritating skin cleanser that does not block your pores and cause more pimples. 

With natural skin cleansers for oily skin, you can be guaranteed to have glowy skin with a balanced level of oil. 

Unlike conventional skin cleansers, natural skincare for oily skins offers a lasting solution for excess shining skin for long periods.


Choosing the Right Organic Skin Cleanser for Oily Skin 

The entrants of organic skincare products in the market have helped raise awareness of what we put in our bodies. While conventional skin cleansers are not created equal, organic products are not left out. 

You must look out for certain expert-endorsed ingredients that every effective organic cleanser must contain. 

Experts recommend you look for skin cleansers with various natural essential oils if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Natural skin cleansers such as our L.O.V.E: skin cleanser contains natural oils that are particularly beneficial for oily skin.

Avoid any skin cleanser, whether organic or otherwise, that contains alcohol. The reason is that these products can cause extreme drying of your skin and an overproduction of oil that leads to breakouts. 

Organic Memories Wellness Essentials

Are you tired of using skin cleansers with ingredients you are unsure of or have you dealt with health problems due to chemical-laden skin cleansers? Make the switch to organic skin cleaners today. 

Our L.O.V.E: skin cleanser helps to cleanse, refine and give your skin a radiant look you deserve. 

At Organic Memories, we offer some of the best natural skincare essentials for oily skin and other skin types.



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