Victory Hand Soap: Benefits of using Organic Hand Soap with Antibacterial Properties

by | Mar 7, 2022

Regular hand washing is undoubtedly important to maintain good hygiene and keep germs at bay. Many diseases, including the latest outbreak of COVID-19, spread through touch and droplets. Many doctors recommend regular washing of hands with soap and water.

But the question is, “what kind of soap do you use in washing your hands? Is it organic or chemically synthesized hand soaps?” There is a clear-cut difference between these two, and understanding it will help you make the best decision for your skin health.

Organic Memories is a one-stop store in Chicago that deals in all-natural wellness essentials. We understand how organic products and all-natural ingredients help to cultivate a healthy cell structure for a vibrant and youthful look.

That’s more reason we are proud to recommend our Victory Hand Soap to anyone looking to gently cleanse, oxygenate, and enhance their skin health without any fear of the effect of toxic chemicals.

What are the problems with chemical-based hand soaps?

Many chemical-based or synthetic hand soap brands attract people with their antibacterial claims, colorful products, and scent varieties. Do not be deceived by those luxurious-looking and scenting hand soaps. Instead, you should consider the hand soap’s chemical ingredients, properties, and sources.

Most synthetic or inorganic hand soaps contain harmful chemicals like Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sulfates, Parabens, and other toxic ingredients.  The problem with these ingredients is that they can trigger skin irritation and deplete skin moisture, causing dryness and flakiness.

Worst still, if you have sensitive skin, using chemical-based hand soaps can result in redness and disrupt the pH balance of your skin, resulting in allergies.

Some of these commercial hand soaps are alcohol-based and made from processing petrochemicals. They also contain Parabens, which cause harm to your skin.

So you see reasons why many people are switching from these harsh chemical-based hand soaps to organic options containing natural earth-based ingredients with antibacterial properties.

Victory Hand Soap is one of the natural organic wellness products filled with nature’s powerful immune-building nutrients. The ingredients in this formulation are derived from harvested plants and bark. They are rich in vitamin A through E, which supports your skin’s natural elasticity, moisturizes, and decreases inflammation.

Victory Body Bar SoapWhy organic hand soaps are better for skincare routine

Organic hand soaps are free from harmful chemicals and Parabens and are not made with an alcohol base. Also, organic hand soaps like Victory Hand Soap do not contain Triclosan, a chemical banned by the FDA.

Instead, these organic wellness products are made with natural moisturizing and antibacterial ingredients, including shea butter, raw honey, palm tree leaves, cocoa pods, purified water, and natural oils.

Our Victory Hand Soap is rich in natural oils such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, almond oil, black seed oil, hemp seed oil, palm kernel oil, tea tree oil, rosehip oil, and Glycerin. These ingredients help to retain the moisture content of your skin and its pH balance.

Even if you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, the Victory Hand Soap is safe and does not contain any ingredient that triggers allergies.

While organic hand soaps may not look like those colorful products on the shelves of most supermarkets, these products are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and naturally occurring nutrients that enrich your skin.

Why makes our Victory Hand Soap special?

In summary, this organic natural hand soap has the following unique features;

  •         They have healing and antibacterial properties
  •         Their production is cruelty-free
  •         Infused with natural minerals
  •         They are environmentally friendly
  •         They are gentle on all kinds of skins, including the sensitive types
  •         They contain no pesticides or chemicals (paraben free)

We created this moisturizing and antibacterial hand soap with your hands in mind. The natural oil ingredients keep your hand hydrated even after a thorough washing.

Victory Hand Soap doesn’t dry out your skin, and it leaves your hands soft, clean, and fresh. More so, it is easy to use – wet your hands, apply one tsp. or more of hand soap as needed, and softly scrub and rinse.


If you really want the best for your hands and skin, you should quit applying synthetic products to your hands, skin, hair, and body as a whole. Most of these products contain questionable chemical ingredients that are toxic and trigger allergies.

To stay safe, you should consider using only organic products with natural ingredients that wash your hands clean, keep them hydrated and moisturized, and clear disease-causing germs.

Victory Hand Soap is a cost-effective product containing all-natural wellness ingredients that gently clean your hands and leave your skin looking beautiful and radiant.



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