Victory Body Bar Soap: Improving your overall beauty with Natural Ingredients

by | Feb 14, 2022

You’re probably used to those regular body bar soaps made with synthetic chemicals and you feel you’re doing yourself some good. Well, I’m afraid, but most of those regular soaps are not actually what they’re advertised to be.

Many synthetic bar soaps out there do more harm than good to your body because they contain questionable substances. You put more risk to your body and overall health when you have sensitive skin.

You can never go wrong with natural organic body bar soaps. That’s one reason millions of consumers are now switching from commercial soaps to using natural organic soaps. 

Victory Body Bar Soap is one of the Organic Memories wellness essentials made with natural plant ingredients loaded with vitamins and nutrients that cleanses, oxygenates, and enhances your skin beauty and overall health.

You don’t have to break a bank anymore on those commercial body bar soaps made with synthetic chemicals. Organic Memories have now made it possible for you to get the best natural organic wellness products at a ridiculously cheap price. For example, you can get our Victory Body Bar Soap for just $5.

What are the benefits of using natural body bar soaps?

You stand to enjoy a plethora of benefits when you use strictly organic body bar soaps. Natural organic body bar soaps are made with natural ingredients that pose no risk to your skin health.

Victory Body Bar Soap is one of our natural organic beauty products in Chicago. So far, it is the best natural bar soap for a radiant and youthful look. This soap contains natural ingredients such as Shea butter, raw honey, cocoa pods, plantains, palm tree leaves, and purified water.

Also, this natural body bar soap contains natural oils, such as Aloe Vera oil, Coconut oil, Black seed oil, and Palm kernel oil. All of these organic ingredients help to nourish the skin cells and improve overall beauty without posing any side effects.

On the other hand, commercial body bar soaps contain synthetic chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and more. These ingredients may trigger allergies and sometimes cause skin dryness and flaking. Worst still, some of these synthetic chemicals put you at risk of certain cancers.

Natural soaps are highly moisturizing

Natural organic soaps such as Victory Body Bar Soap, contain glycerin, which attracts moisture to itself around the skin, thereby moisturizing your skin and leaving it radiant.

As you use these organic body bar soap to bathe, the glycerin content hydrates your skin. But commercial soaps with synthesized ingredients have undergone a process that removes the glycerin content. Most times, manufacturers use the extracted glycerin in other skincare products.

But unfortunately, body bar soaps devoid of glycerin can leave your skin itchy, dry, ashy, and looking very poor.

So, don’t get deceived, most of those commercial soaps will not give you a moisturizing effect. Only the natural organic body bar soap is sure to moisturize your skin and keep it healthy.

Natural soaps are rich in antioxidants

Natural organic soaps retain the antioxidant properties of the natural ingredients used in its production. These antioxidants reduce oxidative damage or inflammation in skin cells, thereby helping the skin heal itself to stay radiant and fresh.

Higher amounts of antioxidants in these organic soaps help to rejuvenate the skin and slow down the aging process.

Also, the pH of organic products lies between 9 and 10, making them gentle on the skin to prevent any form of irritation.

Victory Body Bar Soap is loaded with antioxidants, making it effective for decreasing inflammation, cleansing and exfoliating, and moisturizing the skin. You can use this product on your body, hand and hair.

Natural soaps have natural antibacterial properties

The regular commercial soaps labeled as antibacterial usually contain substances like sulfates, triclosan, parabens, and other toxic chemicals. These ingredients could agitate hormones in your body, affect your reproductive system, and put you at risk of cancer.

Meanwhile, organic products are rich in natural essential oils that have antibacterial properties. So in addition to moisturizing and cleansing your skin, the natural oils in organic body soaps add to the therapeutic fragrance.

Other benefits of natural soaps include:

  •         Natural soaps have no preservatives
  •         Natural soaps are environmentally-friendly
  •         Natural organic soaps offer many varieties for customers
  •         Natural soaps are cruelty-free and animal-friendly.


What more do we need to say? It is so obvious using natural organic body bar soaps offers numerous benefits to your skin and overall beauty.

Do not invest in products that cause long-term damage to your body anymore. This could affect you beyond just your physical health. The result can be traumatizing, especially when you become allergic to so many synthesized chemicals.

You can invest just a fraction of the money spent on commercial soaps to get the best natural organic body soaps. Don’t you want your skin to look radiant, fresh and young? The best way is to go organic.

Victory Body Bar Soap is carefully crafted using natural wellness ingredients that help to cleanse, oxygenate, and preserve your natural beauty. Invest that $5 that you can spend on a soda towards the benefit of your body. 





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