Exodus: Bath and Body Sea Salts

Exodus: Bath and Body Sea Salts

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  • Detoxify, Oxygenate & Restore Energy
  • Infused with Natural Minerals

Exodus sea salts contain powerful nutrients made from Mother Nature’s best essentials to soothe and soften your skin. Exodus sea salts possess prime ingredients that will relax and replenish key minerals into your body through healing agents that restores energy into the body and reawakens the soul.


Benefits: 100% Natural Preserved with Love

  • Boosts Immune system & Blood circulation    
  • Decreases inflammation    
  • Relieves muscle tension & Improves joint mobility
  • Moisturize & Stimulate Cell Growth 
  • Oxygenates & Repairs Cells 

(Therapeutic Antimicrobial Properties)

Natural Ingredients: 

  • Raw Honey, Himalayan & Mediterranean Salts   
  • Oils: Aloe Vera, Almond, Argan, Black seed, Coconut, Hemp Seed, Jojoba, Moringa & Tea Tree.  

Use: Body & Scalp  (For All Skin & Hair Types)

Application: 1: Use warm-hot water in bath. 2: Add 3 – 5 Tbsp. and mix. 3: Soak for 15 – 20 minutes & Rinse. 

Research: No Parabens, SLS, Phythalates, Animal testing & byproducts.  Cruelty Free 

Disclosure: For external use only. If reaction occurs, discontinue use

Natural Body Care Solutions



  • Sun Damage to Skin Cells 
  • Skin Coloration Disorders 
  • Skin Repair: Scars, Blemishes & more. 
  • Extreme Skin Conditions: eczema, psoriasis, infections, muscular/ joint pain & more.


  • Restores moisture & damaged hair. 
  • Prevents Free Radical Damage
  • Sun Damage to Hair Cells
  • Extreme Hair Conditions: alopecia, hair loss, lice, dandruff, insect bites & more.


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