How Organic Body Oils Benefit Mature Skin

by | Aug 10, 2022

There are rafts of misconceptions we believe to be true- but experience and experts have shown they are mere faux facts. 

One of such misconceptions is that body oils are greasy, sticky, and only a sloppy substitute for creams, lotions, and gels. 

But how valid are these assumptions? Several skincare experts have been able to unravel these myths about body oil, showing that these assumptions are largely false. 

Why Do Body Oils Have an Unfair Reputation?

Interestingly, the answer has nothing to do with the product itself but with how it is used and finding the proper fit for your skin and routine. 

While some skincare enthusiasts see beauty products as a means to enhance their looks, others are very concerned about whatever they apply to their skin. 

As a result, more consumers are moving away from processed body oils to organic essential oils for skin. Organic body oil is made from natural ingredients and also chemical free.

A popular scientific fact says our skin absorbs 60% of whatever we put on it. Because body oil gets added to a large area of our bodies, the surface area increases the exposure. 

When you combine that with how body oil is applied daily, you have a recipe for harmful chemicals to accumulate. This can devastate your overall health, so choosing organic body oil is both a wise and healthy decision. 

You can check out organic essential oils for skin such as Soul Body Oil and experience the best natural oil available in the market today. 

Benefits of Organic Body Oils for Mature Skin

Now that we have busted the myths about body oils, let me take you on an eye-opening journey of organic body oils and how it benefits mature skin. 

Helps to maintain skin health 

One of the main benefits of organic body oils to the skin is that it stimulates healthy skin as they are made from natural ingredients. 

It is free from artificial fragrances and other chemicals that may be harmful to your skin. These chemicals are always mixed into lotions and creams to create a temporary layer on your skin and do nothing else. 

On the other hand, organic body oil hydrates and nourishes your skin. These oils are designed to give your skin that unrivaled glow and softness. 

Body oils are lighter and less slippery 

Similarly, unlike skin lotions, body oils are lighter and less greasy and absorb quickly without leaving a greasy residue. 

Having sticky and oily layers on your skin can be messy and irritating. So you must look for the right body oil products that don’t leave a greasy trail. 

I suggest you opt for organic body oil such as Eternal Maternal Oils for a wonderful experience. 

Revitalizes the skin 

Regarding a wonderful experience, organic body oil has a unique formula that deals with several skin challenges, including aging signs such as wrinkles. 

Mature skin often loses moisture and becomes pale and dehydrated. Organic body oils are packed with vitamin E to nourish the skin by retaining its natural moisture. Consequently, it keeps the skin hydrated and encourages skin rejuvenation. 

It is easily absorbed into the skin 

More importantly, organic oils are easily absorbed into the skin, which makes them more effective in hydrating the skin. This is precisely what you need if you have mature or dry skin. 

How to use organic body oil for best results 

You also need to know how to use organic body oils for soft and radiant skin. While there is technically no wrong way of using body oils, there are several ways to maximize their effects for the best results. 

My favorite style is applying a small amount to damp skin after showering or bathing to seal the mixture. Make sure you allow the body to dry naturally or gently use a soft towel.

You may also choose to add it to bath water to soften the skin while you soak. If you want to be creative, add a few drops of organic body oil to your body cream. 

Final thought

What’s more exciting than the satisfaction you get from that sublime and healthy skin? 

Organic body oils infuse nature’s finest ingredients that keep your skin moisturized and remove blemishes. 

At Organic Memories, we have an impressive variety of wellness essential oils you can try. Our organic body oil  for mature skin, including Soul Body Oil, are lightweight, non-greasy, and toxin-free.


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