5 Ways To Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-friendly

by | Jul 20, 2022

From cleansers to moisturizers, we all love to have the best beauty care products that would improve our skin. However, more people are beginning to see beyond the beauty value of products they add to their routine. 

Recently, people are beginning to realize that looking good sometimes comes with a cost to the environment. And your choice of beauty products could drive the earth further down its cliff. 

Statistics show that the personal care industry produced about 7. 9 billion units of rigid plastics in 2018 alone. Shocking right? That is not all. 

Have you ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Well, it turns out that we are building a human-made trash island in the pacific. 

The 8 million tons of plastic we dump into the oceans each year is causing a significant environmental problem for our planet. 

The good news, however, is that the level of conscious consumerism has continued to grow in recent years, and many people are now adding natural wellness essentials to their routine. You can check out these natural organic beauty products in Chicago.

Many beauty care consumers now consider eco-friendliness to maintain a sustainable beauty routine. As a result, many brands and manufacturers are beginning to tow the path of building a sustainable industry that focuses on natural wellness essentials.

If you want to make your beauty routines more eco-friendly, these sustainable beauty tips should come in handy. 

Search for Eco-friendly Packaging 

Due to the worsening plastic pollution in the world, beauty care brands are turning to environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Eco-friendly packaging is easy to recycle, safe for the environment, and safe for you. 

Similarly, eco-friendly packing is manufactured using clean production technologies with ethical practices. So next time you go shopping for beauty products, be sure to look out for products with eco-friendly labels. 

You certainly do not want to be a villain in the quest to save the earth. 

Buy from Eco-friendly Brands 

Secondly, modern-day consumers are forcing many beauty brands to produce environmentally friendly products. Buying from eco-friendly brands is an excellent way of incorporating sustainable beauty routines

An eco-friendly brand is conscious of how it portrays the environmental impact on communities. While some notable commercial beauty brands are still slow to adopt sustainable practices, others are intentional about building an environmentally responsible brand. 

One eco-friendly brand in the US you can look for is Organic Memories. Our collection of high-quality organic products is safe and designed to uphold environmental standards. 

Stay Away from Petroleum Derivative Products 

As the name implies, Petroleum derivative products are derived from petroleum, a toxic crude oil that is not sustainable or economically friendly. 

Petroleum has one of the highest carbon footprints, if not the highest of any material on the planet. Sadly, beauty care products still contain petroleum derivatives in their ingredients.

To maintain a sustainable beauty routine, avoid any product containing propylene, glycol, ethylene, and paraffin oil. 

Go For Multi-Use Products 

In addition to avoiding petroleum derivative products, choosing multi-use products is an easy way of incorporating a sustainable beauty routine. 

Multi-use products ensure the use of less waste and costs. You can go for moisturizers that serve as sunscreens, such as our Abrahams Body Butter.

Note that you may not get a multi-purpose product for all your beauty routines. In that case, opt for natural wellness essentials you’re more likely to use for an extended period leading to less waste. But there is a caveat. Only try this if you are sure of using up the product before its expiry date. 

Make Vital Adjustments 

This is one of the most important sustainable beauty tips – you must make vital adjustments to your beauty skin products. For example, when using a product, ensure you use it to its entirety. 

Rather than disposing of a product you’ve only used halfway, try squeezing out every tiny bit of it. By doing so, you reduce the number of beauty care bottles that may potentially impact the environment. 

Furthermore, you should drop off your used beauty products at a local beauty store that offers recycling services. 

While you might not be able to practice an entirely eco-friendly and sustainable beauty routine, you can make a difference with a few adjustments. 

Natural Organic Beauty Products In Chicago 

If you are looking to make sustainable choices regarding your choice of beauty care products, Organic Memory’s range of natural wellness essentials is your best bet. 

Our eco-friendly organic wellness products, such as Abraham Body Butter, are packed with natural ingredients that help replenish the minerals in your body and enhance and reinvigorate your skin. 


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