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Our Family

Brandon Hilton - Founder & Chief Executive Office of Operations


My name is Brandon Hilton. I am the founding Proprietor and Chief Executive Officer of Organic Memories. Through my experience and achievements, I have built diverse relationships in demonstrating successful results utilizing project management, process improvement and business development within the industries of Education, Retail, Non Profit, Logistics and Healthcare.  I first developed a passion for health when I noticed a lack in the inner-city African American community’s ability to empower itself with resources to improve its individual health. Through God’s inspiration, Organic Memories was established in order to help inspire others to achieve optimal health through wisdom with natures healing essentials in order for every individual to live a healthy life physically and spiritually.  As CEO, I am dedicated to enhancing the lives of others by providing the finest organic health & beauty care essentials as an alternative solution for your health needs.  Through humility and wisdom, I am committed to providing exceptional service using innovative, solution-driven methods to deliver optimal results in efforts to fulfill all your health needs.


My goal is to help every soul accomplish their mission in life so they can enrich the lives of others.  I believe that when you love what you do, it is the foundation to success and the cornerstone in building diverse relationships.  What I enjoy most is creating memorable moments with the love of my family by riding bikes, taking walks or going to the movies while spiritually growing with my wife and family.

Michael Tucker - Lead Graphic Designer of Creative Development


Michael W. Tucker received his bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University and eventually earned his Master’s in computer science from Governor’s State University. Just after completing graduate school, Michael earned several certificates related to network security. He eventually found a home as an embedded software engineer at Scientific Gaming, a global lottery and regulated gaming developer. He now writes automation scripts and tests software code in every programming language. Michael works mostly as a carefully placed engineer who aids new projects that are in the beginning phases of development. He recently collaborated with his colleagues to create several automation scripting tools that are being used to improve software quality. In his spare time, Michael enjoys shooting pool with my friends and spending time with his very entertaining son. When it comes to health, Michael truly believes organic foods and products are safer, possibly more nutritious, and often better tasting than non-organic food. He also believes that organic production is better for the environment and kinder to animals.

Matthew Bruce - Lead Journalist & Editor


Matthew Bruce is an award-winning writer with almost 10 years of experience in journalism. The 33-year-old native of Chicago’s south side grew up with a dream of becoming a newspaper columnist.  It’s a dream he cultivated as a teenager reading sports columns in the Chicago Sun-Times every weekend.


Matthew began writing while attending Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Ill., and spent more than two years there working as sports editor for the school’s newspaper. After graduating in 2007, he began freelancing for several publications and news outlets in the metro Chicagoland area. That included the Southtown Star, a daily newspaper owned and operated by the Sun-Times. Matthew worked two years writing a wide range of stories for the Southtown as one if its correspondents.

In 2012, Matthew moved to South Carolina to become a full-time staff writer at the Index-Journal, a small, family-owned daily. He worked there two years as a crime and courts reporter, winning seven Press Association awards during his tenure. Last September, he moved to the Midlands of South Carolina to work for the Sumter Item, and earned two more Press Association awards during his first few months there.


I’m a pretty simple person. I like to spend time with my family and good friends in my spare time. I enjoy a good book whenever I can get my hands on one.  I’m a creative person, so anything that stokes that energy and challenges me creatively is right up my alley.  I absolutely love music.  I also need time to myself sometimes, just to reflect.  Solace is not the same thing as loneliness and I’ve learned to take advantage of my time alone.


As I get older, I also continue to understand the significance of good health. God only gives us one body, so we’d better take care of it. This pile of flesh is the temple in which our spirit resides as we shuffle this mortal soil. To deprive our bodies of proper care and maintenance is essentially a burden on our inner spirits. It’s all connected.


Reena Hilton - Vice President of Operations


My name is Reena Hilton and I am one of the Chief Executives Officers of Organic Memories. Learning about health is an ongoing process and I strive to continue to learn and teach about living healthier lifestyles.


I have worked in the social service field for more than 10 years and my goal is to be an advocate for individuals – particularly children and families – in need of support in order to enhance resiliency while also considering social and cultural contexts.

I have a passion for working with foster care children and teens. I also do work with teens that have been abused and exploited. I also teach elementary art in public schools around the Chicagoland area.

I love to do arts, crafts, reading, and knitting, during my free time. I love hanging out with my husband and daughter and making memories that will last a lifetime. Family is very important to me and without their support I would not be who I am today.