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Enhance your spiritual and physical well-being to achieve optimal health.

This state of belief originated from an idea to uplift an individual’s spirit and physical health.  Our spirit defines who we are and how healthy we are as individuals.  This organization started in 2008, recognizing the demand for self-preservation as well as physical and spiritual improvement to harvest optimal health.  Through cutting-edge market research, our analytics determined that a physical and spiritual connection creates a happier and much more prosperous future for any individual who seeks to improve their well-being.  Through our faith, and GOD’s wisdom, ORGANIC MEMORIES was established and began to produce mother-nature’s all natural care essentials that were created out of the pure essence of love to preserve those everlasting moments that enhance our physical and spiritual health.  Our passion is to create essential goods that will reawaken your health and be therapeutic for the soul.  The nutrients from mother-nature’s essentials provide healing agents that rejuvenate and revitalize your skin and empowers the soul.

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to empower every soul with wisdom in order to achieve optimal health.”


Our vision is to provide the finest health and beauty care essentials filtered from Earth’s rarest minerals, offering them to every soul at an affordable cost to achieve optimal health.  Our purpose is to serve and help others discover the truth in living a fruitful and healthy life as we strive to transform lives and impact futures globally. As a company, we are results oriented, and practice solution-driven methods, utilizing education and innovation to create alternative solutions for living healthier lives.

Our Story